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Interior Design

Unless you are a natural at interior design, I would set aside some part of your budget to hire a designer. You will want to start with your interior designer at the same time you begin the architectural design. If you wait until the building has begun, there will be many missed opportunities. Frankly, better late than never; but I wish we had started earlier.

Your interior designer and architect can work together on room size and design. The two go hand-in-hand.

A good interior designer should be able to help you with:

  • flooring
  • wall textures
  • faux finishes
  • paint colors
  • cabinetry
  • door and window selection
  • window coverings
  • plumbing fixtures
  • art
  • lighting locations
  • lighting fixtures
  • furniture

Your own personal style

What is your style? A good designer should be able to help you identify your own personal style. To help, cut out magazine pictures that you enjoy. If your tastes are all over the place, don't let that concern you. You do not have to have a theme for your whole house. Our home will have several completely different rooms. People like to talk about the flow of a home. Forget that. Have the house you want. If it doesn't "flow," don't worry about it. I traveled extensively throughout Europe and saw many estates. They had specialized rooms that didn't exactly flow, and they had parades of tourists visiting them.

Do you prefer formal, informal or either? My wife and I could see no reason to have a formal living room in our home. Instead, we turned it into a music room. It will have some seating, but it will have plenty of room for our piano, organ, guitars, etc. We can close the room for practice or plug the equipment into the wall and have the music throughout the house on our sound system.

We do not have a formal dining room either. Our dining room is nicknamed "The Mafia Room." It will have red walls and low lighting with restaurant-style seating. The walls will be covered with caricatures of famous and not-so-famous people. It will have a New York Italian restaurant look.

We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii, so our master bedroom and bath will have a Hawaiian look and feel to it.

The media room is all mine. It will have the look of an old-fashioned theater. The carpet is red with taupe swirls. The walls will have curtains to cut down on noise. Dimmable sconces on the walls will add to effect.

Our daughter's room at our current home has bubble-gum pink stripes below a pink chair railing. Above the chair railing and on the ceiling are multiple colored circles. Without furniture and wall decorations, it was pretty dizzying; but fully decorated it was quite whimsical and fun.

Have fun

If you look forward to the time you spend with your interior designer, that means that you have picked a good one. If you feel intimidated or steam-rolled, find a new designer. Designing the interior of your home should be fun.

Balthazar Custom Homes

If you are looking for a great custom home builder in Dallas, check out John Balthazar of Balthazar Custom Homes. He is fair and knowledgeable. His quality is first-rate. He uses great sub-contractors.

You can contact John at 972-618-7653.



Choosing an Interior Designer

Here are some clues for choosing an interior designer:

  • Your choice does not have to be permanent. If you decide down the road that it isn't working, find another designer. There is no reason to stay miserable. You are the customer.
  • Ask for references. Then call them.
  • Find out if the designer is good about returning phone calls. There is nothing worse than working with someone whom you can never reach.
  • Find out if the designer is available. You will need to spend large amounts of time with him. Make sure that he doesn't overbook his schedule.
  • Find out if he is always running late. You will go nuts if he always shows up 30 minutes late for an appointment.


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