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I'm constantly amazed by the emails I get from readers of this site. There are times when I wonder if anyone even reads it because it is the least visited of all my sites.

Anyhow, here is some of the feedback I've gotten:

Hi there! I would love to see some construction and completed pictures of a custom home building process. Keep up the good work!



Excellent website! Well written and insightful. I LOVE you!

Annika :-)

Thank you for the ideas. The island Outlet had to be the best idea. We are going to make sure that is done on our home. A big question, I am looking for is the speed at which is good for home building. My reason for this is because someone told my wife that sheetrock should not be hung for upto 45 days or so. I think that is crazy, and not sure why that would be. Any thoughts on that? Thanks again for the great ideas!!


Hello. Thanks for all of your great advice. My fiance and I are building a house called Sulpher Springs and everything you said seems to be what we hear throughout the business. We are contracting our own house, ( he is a paint contractor) and look forward to using some of your tips to build our dream house. (We are getting away from N.VA ..and the infamous sniper) Thanks again... Laura

I am building a second home and read your web site with great interest.

I found your site very helpful. First time home building prospect for our 2nd home, now with kids. Trying to qualify builder, pricing, and design aspects. Minnesota climate somewhat different than TX, but really liked your comments and tips. Things that I wouldn't have considered until too late. How do you like your ESI phone system? I think that is built in TX. Thanks again.

Great site! A lot of very good recommendations. It may be outside your purview, but I would recommend a section on negotiating with the builder. Thanks for the info.


I have enjoyed your website! You seem to require the same degree of research, detail, and quality that I do; we even have a similar appliance list! Your site has truly made planning easier for me with everything to consider just a click away. Thank you for taking the time to share.

Denise in Idaho

Wow! This was an incredible site. My husband and I spent several hours reading each topic. We are working with an architect now and picked up some very valuable tips. Thanks! Maybe a list of builders and sub-contractors to avoid would be useful. Enjoyed your site very much.

Very helpful information on construction, materials (tyvek, techshield etc.) and the budget section is so real. I will apply your advise to my new construction. Great website!

Loved reading all your suggestions. Wish I had had them when we did major renovations in 1994, but will put some to use at present. Where can one see photos of your house??

As a Realtor, I see a lot of beautiful houses. The care and precision you obviously put into deciding on every detail of your renovation no doubt led you to end up with a gorgeous home!
Best regards,

I stumbled on your site looking for full length tri-fold mirrors, but stayed because it was so interesting. I haven't read it all but already picked up an interesting tidbit about closets and changing rooms! What a great idea! Even though I'm on a much smaller budget than you apparently had, I think I'm going to find more hints that will help me along. You obviously researched everything thoroughly, and I appreciate your sharing your experience. My next stop is the Alpha lighting site. Thanx again!

This site and info is very informative especially for someone moving in from out of state.

I throughly enjoyed reading every section on you website. We are in the process of building our dream home. Thanks again, your personal home sounds very nice!

Very Helpful Site!!!!! Thank you!

Thank you very much for your invaluable information on so many topics. We have just purchased a lot and are in the rough design and specification stage, so your information is very timely. We intend to take our information to meetings with potential architects and builders next week.

We sincerely appreciate your help.
Kay & Don

I found your website very useful regarding building my new custom home. I would like to see your house especially the exterior. Seeing the interior would be a bonus, but I don't know if you would open you home for tours. Nonetheless, I would like to see the front elevation. Would it be possible to obtain your home address so that my wife and I may drive by your dream home.

Best Regards,

Great info on your home building experience. I just bought some land and will be starting the process soon. I'd love some pictures of your house. It sounds fantastic. Thanks for the great info.

What an amazing, informative, funny, well put together website. I am an interior designer for custom home builders. I found your site very informative and helpful. I will definitely pass this link on to fellow colleagues. Feel free to use me as a reference if necessary. God Bless and thanks again.



Thank you for your informative web site on home building. I really appreciate learning from an expert in this area, and found it hard to find such good information as on your site anywhere else.

I am in the process of building a home with Highland Homes. Your insights about specific products and models was also very helpful. I really want energy efficiency in my home, and your suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,

JG, you touched on most of the important issues that I can think of. And I will use some of your info. to build my next house in the future.

I built a custom one last yr. It's pretty good I think. But I should have done more homework on some things.....

p.s. have you ever looked into using steel studs or foam cast cement? These two looks promising....

Thanks for this great site....


Hi Jim,

Your website has been very useful and I've implemented many of your suggestions and lessons learned. My wife and I have just started construction this month on our first custom home.


Bravo...what a useful depository of information for a couple just starting the process of thinking about building a new house on or mini-ranch just south of Fort Worth.
Tim & Ginger

I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on an amazing site! you easily beat out any other sites for great info and advice!

James, your info is invaluable. My wife and I live are building next month. Your home sounds awesome; we've read every word on your page but it has left us with a huge desire to see some pictures. Would love to see what you mean by hand scraped wood flooring, your color choices, your brick choice(were using a cedar brick stone combo and are having a hard time finding a a complimentary brick) would love to see your cabinets, anything and everything, it sounds awesome. Please send. thanks.

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