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Insulation is one of the most-often neglected aspects of a home. Properly insulating your exterior walls is important for both energy efficiency and sound proofing.

Insulation is rated using R-values. R-value measures resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating capability.

2x4 exterior walls allow for R-13 or R-15 insulation because they are both 3.5" thick. A 2x6 wall allows for R-19 or R-21 insulation. Always go for the highest R-value you can get.

In our ceiling, we used R-38 blown insulation.

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EPA's recommendation for cost-effective insulation R-valuesa

If you live in a climate that is... and your heating systemb is a ... then insulate to these levels in the..
Ceiling Wood frame wallsc floor base-ment/ crawl space wallsd
Warm with cooling and minimal heating requirements (i.e., FL & HI; coastal CA; southeast TX; southern LA, AR, MS, AL & GA). gas/oil or heat pump R-22 to R-38 R-11 to R-15 R-11 to R-13 R-11 to R-19
electric resistance R-38 to R-49 R-11 to R-22 R-13 to R-25 R-11 to R-19
Mixed with moderate heating and cooling requirements (i.e.,VA, WV, KY, MO, NE, OK, OR, WA & ID; southern IN, KS, NM & AZ;northern LA, AR, MS, AL & GA inland CA & western NV). gas/oil or heat pump R-38 R-11 to R-22 R-13 to R-25 R-11 to R-19
electric resistance R-49 R-11 to R-28 R-25 R-11 to R-19
Cold (i.e., PA, NY, New England, northern Midwest, Great Lakes area, mountainous areas (e.g., CO, WY, UT, etc.)). gas/oil R-38 to R-49 R-11 to R-22 R-25 R-11 to R-19
heat pump or electric R-49 R-11 to R-28 R-25 R-11 to R-19

a. Adapted from the U.S. Department of Energy 1997 Insulation Fact Sheet.
b. Insulation is also effective at reducing cooling bills. These levels assume that you have electric air-conditioning.
c. R-Values are for insulation only (not whole wall) and may be achieved through a combination of cavity (batt, loose fill or spray) and rigid board materials.
d. Do not insulate crawl space walls if crawl space is wet or ventilated with outdoor air.


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